Weekly Inspiration Week #8

Week 8 is here so lets crack on…

1.  Armitage Online has a new look thanks to @ryandownie. Great vivid colours with huge text give this new design a sweet modern look:

Armitage Online

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Weekly Inspiration #7

Week seven is here already. Take a look at some eye candy on show to get your inspiration in gear…

1.  Theory Design is the portfolio site for Ryan McMaster. Some nice vertical slide effect accompanying the large slider:

Theory Design

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Weekly Inspiration #6

Hi webbers. Weeks 6 is upon us and there are some awesome sites to wet your designer taste buds. First up MailChimp 5.2…

1.  MailChimp 5.2. There are a lot of little features and touches that all blend nicely into the retro style that make this site a refreshing change:

MailChimp 5.2

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Weekly Inspiration #5

Hey all, week five is upon us so let’s dive in…

1.  First up is PlayLab, a modern looking portfolio site with nice little typography touches:


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Weekly Inspiration #4

Good Monday to you all. Week 4 has some awesome sites. Lets go…

1. Brian Hoff’s blog/portfolio/notes/digital playground etc has had a few re-designs over the last few years but this latest one looks great. Nice layout, sweet colours and, as usual, the typography is perfectly suited:

the Design Cubicle

2. Next up is DW, the portfolio for Dan Wiersema. Good looking background and un-conventional left vertical nav:

Dan Wiersema

3. Creature is a freelance design studio boasting a very clean layout and impressive client list:

*One teeny weeny suggestion - get a favicon*

4. Aarts is another portfolio site, this time for designer and entrepreneur Jasper Aarts. I really like the dark grungy feel and the smooth scrolling content slider fits well:


5. Last up this week is Promotional Codes. A new (re-designed) site by Super Eight Studio. If you’ve followed this snippets on Dribbble then you’ll agree it turned out better than expected. The footer is awesome:

Promo Codes

That’s it for another week. Remember if you want your site featured or you want to shout about a great looking site then get the link in to me.