Weekly Inspiration #4

Good Monday to you all. Week 4 has some awesome sites. Lets go…

1. Brian Hoff’s blog/portfolio/notes/digital playground etc has had a few re-designs over the last few years but this latest one looks great. Nice layout, sweet colours and, as usual, the typography is perfectly suited:

the Design Cubicle

2. Next up is DW, the portfolio for Dan Wiersema. Good looking background and un-conventional left vertical nav:

Dan Wiersema

3. Creature is a freelance design studio boasting a very clean layout and impressive client list:

*One teeny weeny suggestion - get a favicon*

4. Aarts is another portfolio site, this time for designer and entrepreneur Jasper Aarts. I really like the dark grungy feel and the smooth scrolling content slider fits well:


5. Last up this week is Promotional Codes. A new (re-designed) site by Super Eight Studio. If you’ve followed this snippets on Dribbble then you’ll agree it turned out better than expected. The footer is awesome:

Promo Codes

That’s it for another week. Remember if you want your site featured or you want to shout about a great looking site then get the link in to me.