Weekly Inspiration #3

Hey peeps, my fav inspirationals for week 3:

1.  Stick with Me Baby is a bright and colourful site where you can purchase stickers to pimp out your Macbook Pro:

Stick With me Baby

2.  Next up is Thomas Bishop’s portfolio. Nice and clean with nice custom font usage:

Thomas Bishop

3.  Giant Media uses some nice illustration at each section of this long vertical scrolling site:

Giant Media

4.  If you need a simple and fast tool for generating quotes then this new service might be just the ticket. Quoterobot is easy to use and looks nice:

Quote Robot

5.  Lastly this week is Monstersuite. I love the watercolour style backgrounds and use of texture. The typography looks neat also:


I hope you’re enjoying these weekly sites as a source for inspiration? If you want your site featured or know of a great looking site then fire me the link and I’ll take a look. Until next week, stay cool…