Interview with designer/developer Ryan Downie

Front-end designer, developer and lover of Expression Engine, Ryan Downie has taken a few minutes to answer some questions. Lets go…

Ryan Downie

Garry:  Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions Ryan. Firstly can you let us know a little bit about yourself e.g what your skills are, what your main role is and your interests.

Ryan:  Not a Problem, I always try and find time for interviews. I am a website designer, front end developer and ExpressionEngine developer from NorthWest England.

My main role is designing and bringing websites to life, either static or dynamic. I enjoy both designing and front end development just as much as each other, so thats really where I spend my time.

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Interview with Matt Hamm

Some time last year I interviewed Matt Hamm as I was impressed with his web design and illustration skills. At the time I was writing for an online design magazine which unfortunately didn’t progress into anything so the interview was ditched along with the blog. Recently however, Matt has re-visited my questions and has updated them based on his current work. Here it is, finally, published for all to see.

Thank you for taking time out to answer some questions Matt.  Firstly please tell us what you are up to right now design wise?

Matt: Currently I’m building a website for a sheet music download website. Lately I’ve been illustrating more characters for and working on a rather sweet little project called  I have also illustrated a children’s book series recently, which I’m really excited about.

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