Weekly Inspiration #1

Welcome to the first Weekly Inspiration where I scout the web and find the best looking sites for your design inspiration. Read on…

  First site is The Rockstar Foundation. Awesome design and build by Ryan Downie (http://twitter.com/RyanDownie), Liam McKey (http://twitter.com/liammckay) and Veerle Pieters (http://twitter.com/vpieters)

The Rockstar Foundation

2.  Next up is Endorse. A new networking site to find an expert in a specific field or need to pass some work on to a like minded professional


3.  Nice site by graphic designer Andrew Reifman (http://twitter.com/andrewreifman)

Andrew Reifman

4.  Duoh! is a nice looking site for a small agency run by Veerle Pieters and Geert Leyseele


5.  Lastly this week is not a brand new site but one I’ve visited a few times recently for it’s great visual style and awesome animation

Digital Invaders