Weekly Inspiration #30

Hey online peeps, back with week 30 with some great designs…

1. Digital Hands up first. The parallax header is what jumps out immediately but it’s also the rest of the site that also impresses; spacious layout, clean type and simple CSS effects:

2. Cohenspire is a site that looks classy and professional. Nice copy and layout:

3. Phase2 Design Studio is using a growing trend of long vertical sites that encourages the user to keep scrolling. In this case their logo appears to travel through a series of pipes and other objects, telling their story on the way:

4. The portfolio site for Zoltan Hosszu features some cool illustrations and texture in each section:

5. Jarad Johnson’s site is direct and simple. Nice texture and palette along with a cool postcard style contact form:

If you have a site you want to see featured please send me the link via Twitter. Until next time keep the amazing designs coming…