Weekly Inspiration #27

Hey all. The first round up of 2011! Last year went so fast (it seems) and we featured some awesome sites over the last 26 posts. I can imagine this year becoming even better as designers push the boundaries of layout, CSS and HTML5 even further. Let’s check out this weeks sites:

1. Forever Heavy is the brand for designer Nick Coates and is a slick looking site with some good illustration and subtle CSS3. A comic tone to the writing is also different from the norm:

2. The site for Dascola Barbers features a large illustration for the mast head coupled with vintage history and imagery to give a personal touch:

3. StillPointe is a Llama sanctuary site which advertises the charities work. Some nice illustration and water colour effects along with custom type make it a great looking site:

4. Deep Space Robots is simple but good looking. Some pixel fonts and an amusing email address:

5. SrBurns’ site is something of a growing trend where it almost feels desktop app like. Great colours and illustrations too:

Another week done and a good start to 2011. If you have any sites, emails or mobile apps you’d like to recommend please let me know via Twitter.