Weekly Inspiration #19

Last week’s vacation left a lot extra suggestions to go through and there were lots of potentially great looking options. Lets get going…

1.  SuperKrolik is the online space for visual designer Keefe Au. Great visuals and overall nice looking site:


2.  Next up is Dawghouse Design Studio. This is one of those sites where the attention to the typography makes it a joy to read. Nice palette too:

Dawghouse Design Studio

3.  Pointy is the design services home for James Beadmore. Great type, calls to action and texture:


4.  Nik Papic offers some great SEO services and his site is perfectly suited for that purpose. It’s nice to feature dark themes sites and this one is simple but nicely laid out:


5.  Lastly this week is the portfolio for Joseph Cohen. Great visuals and an almost extinct left-aligned site which is a welcome change:

Joseph Cohen

Thanks all for checking out this weeks inspiration and keep your suggestions coming. Until next week…