Weekly Inspiration #18

Happy Monday everyone. Week #8 is here so lets crack on…

1.  First up is Postbox 2. There are few good local email clients and Postbox is one of the better ones. Their site for Postbox 2 is really clean and flows well and features some great looking buttons:

Postbox 2

2.  Webdesignbe is the portfolio site for a small Belgium based studio. It’s the large illustrations and part-grunge look that appeals here:


3.  Next up is Huff & Stapes, a weekly live comedy show. What made me want to check out the whole site is the custom font and effects:

Huff & Stapes

4.  Salford Stories is a site based heavily on it’s content and uses type to the best effect to get the message across:

Salford Stories

5.  Last this week is Review. A seemingly simple idea of testing your designs direct to your device, great news for Phone UI designers. The site also features some nifty jQuery enhancements:


Thanks again for sending in your suggestions, please keep them coming. Until next week…