Weekly Inspiration #15

Hey everyone! Fifteen weeks of inspiration and showcasing the best of the web is still a struggle as there’s so many good sites to choose from. Take a ganders at what this week has to offer…

1.  First up is Courier. An awesome product of sending your files to your peeps via all the popular social networks. It’s a great concept and can see this doing very well. Site wise it’s clean, has a good text-to-image ratio, easy to navigate etc, it all just works:


2.  Kean Richmond’s site is cool in which it’s subtle colours and font work well together and let the content speak for itself. It’s blog like layout and style coupled with some nice text make it a worthy addition:

Kean Richmond

3.  Next is La Masa Mimatta. I always love food websites (if they’re done right!) and the grungy textures and vintage style links add some standout features:

Mass Mimatta

4.  At four we have the portfolio for Rob Phillips. I like his one-page layout and subtle jQuery enhancements. The main point for me is the simplicity as a whole:

Rob Phillips

5.  Lastly this week is SimpleBits. I’ve been meaning to feature this for a few weeks now and have finally given in. It’s just too nice not to include. The old SimpleBits site was nice but since then it’s moved over to Tumblr, owner Dan Cederholm has created a site with textures, clean fonts, transitions, custom theme etc that’s pixel perfect and a pleasure to browse:


And that concludes another week. Please keep your requests coming in and I’ll try and get it featured. Until next week…