Weekly Inspiration #13

Hello again, week 13 is here and more awesome sites…

1.  First up is Savvy Belfast. Immediately loved the quirky large header text and round badges used for the headers. Some nice use of texture also:

Savvy Belfast

2.  Next is the portfolio site of Justin Edelson. I chose this site because of layout which is different to the norm:

Justin Edelson

3.  Ocktoberfest has a cool palette and great type. The headers and sub-headers on each page flow nicely:


4.  Next us is Minneapple Pie. A really simple site but lots of things to love about it. The large image, the awesome typography in the side bar and the jQuery animation:

Minneapple Pie

5.  Last up this week is Get to Build.com. A nice ideas from design student Tyler Galphin. He wants to getto Build.com in Belfast and he’s in Canada and so is selling a cool icon set. Nice simple site and a good way of raising the funds:

Get to Build.com

Week 13 wrapped up. I hope you’re enjoying these round-ups? I’ll keep doing them as long as the good feedback keeps coming!

If you have any suggestions or want your site featured please get in touch and I’ll cehck it out. Until next time…