Weekly Inspiration #12

Week 12 is here and I’ve had a great time looking through lots of great sites. There can only be five though…

1.   Tahoe Tech Talk 2010 is one of those sites where you just want to keep scrolling (huh… there’s stuff below the “fold”!) and is full of awesome illustration, typography and some nifty jQuery:

Tahoe Tech Talk 2010

2.  I love Worry Free Labs for their use of texture and custom type. Really cook slider under the work section too:

Worry Free Labs

3.  Next up is an interesting concept of using designers as the face of top trump style playing cards. I usually don’t go for “fame” within the web community as there are so many great designers I know turning out the same if not better work but aren’t on a playing card, however, these posts are about inspiration and I think the site looks great:


4.  At no4 is Hull Digital Live 10. This site has so many great features; custom type, texture, info-graphics. All styled with some cool jQuery:

Hull Digital Live 10

5.  Last up is Awesome. They specialise in JavaScript as well as full on HTML/CSS coding. Their site obviously jQuery but in a subtle way and doesn’t distract you from the nice illustration and clean layout:


That’s it for another week. Please keep sending your suggestions over. Until next time!