Weekly Inspiration #2

Week no2 kicks off with a sweet design from You’re the Youth. Enjoy…

1.  You’re the Youth is a politcal site aimed at young folk and potential first time voters:

You're the Youth

2.  Next is a great looking portfolio site from Christian Swinnen. Nice textures:


3.  Arrested Development is a US comedy series starring Jason Bateman. The site uses some cool illustrations and, if you watch the show, some funny quotes:

Arrested Development

4.  Coffeetopia up next. Nice layout, nice colours, nice little site:


5.  Lastly this week is Launchlist. This has gained a lot of popularity in the last week for good reason; it’s a sweet looking site that’s also a great product. This one would suit an iPhone app perfectly:


Thanks for checking out week 2. What was your fav site?

richardshepherd: The bar for creativity at MailChimp gets higher and higher. Love it.


The bar for creativity at MailChimp gets higher and higher. Love it.


Weekly Inspiration #1

Welcome to the first Weekly Inspiration where I scout the web and find the best looking sites for your design inspiration. Read on…

  First site is The Rockstar Foundation. Awesome design and build by Ryan Downie (http://twitter.com/RyanDownie), Liam McKey (http://twitter.com/liammckay) and Veerle Pieters (http://twitter.com/vpieters)

The Rockstar Foundation

2.  Next up is Endorse. A new networking site to find an expert in a specific field or need to pass some work on to a like minded professional


3.  Nice site by graphic designer Andrew Reifman (http://twitter.com/andrewreifman)

Andrew Reifman

4.  Duoh! is a nice looking site for a small agency run by Veerle Pieters and Geert Leyseele


5.  Lastly this week is not a brand new site but one I’ve visited a few times recently for it’s great visual style and awesome animation

Digital Invaders


Interview with Matt Hamm

Some time last year I interviewed Matt Hamm as I was impressed with his web design and illustration skills. At the time I was writing for an online design magazine which unfortunately didn’t progress into anything so the interview was ditched along with the blog. Recently however, Matt has re-visited my questions and has updated them based on his current work. Here it is, finally, published for all to see.

Thank you for taking time out to answer some questions Matt.  Firstly please tell us what you are up to right now design wise?

Matt: Currently I’m building a website for nicechart.com a sheet music download website. Lately I’ve been illustrating more characters for http://www.gugafit.com and working on a rather sweet little project called http://www.hivetrader.com.  I have also illustrated a children’s book series recently, which I’m really excited about. http://www.als-pals.co.uk.

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A quick guide to Google’s new Custom Font API.