Hello, and welcome…

Thanks for stopping by to check out my ramblings!

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now but couldn’t due to time constraints, that is until I discovered Tumblr.

I was thinking about doing a full on WordPress blog and even designed a few concepts but after getting into it further I realised I just didn’t need all the cool stuff that WordPress has to offer and my blog wouldn’t make worthy use of it. I intend to use this blog for shorter “tips and tricks” if you like.

Enter Tumblr. I had been keeping my eye on both Tumblr and Posterous for about the last year and at first it didn’t appeal to me. Not to say I didn’t think they were great, just how would I use them?  Then after going trough the “shall I use WordPress” dilemma, the penny dropped. The next step came deciding between them. Tumblr stood out to me as more or a community driven environment and seemed to be a few steps ahead in terms of themes. As I decided early on I wanted to design my own theme, I gladly handed Tumblr my details and away we went.

The theme you’re looking at now would not be possible without some help from Jeffrey Way over at Nettuts+. They have THE best tutorial on designing and building a Tumblr theme from scratch and really helped me with a few areas.

Thanks again for stopping by and I’ll start uploading some tips and mini-tutorialsvery soon.