Weekly Inspiration Week #8

Week 8 is here so lets crack on…

1.  Armitage Online has a new look thanks to @ryandownie. Great vivid colours with huge text give this new design a sweet modern look:

Armitage Online

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HTML5 for Web Designers - Quick Review

HTML5 for Web Designers

HTML5 for Web Designers is now firmly pushed through the letterboxes of everyone who orderd one so I thought I’d throw a quick review up for anyone interested in getting a copy.

First off the good.

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Weekly Inspiration #7

Week seven is here already. Take a look at some eye candy on show to get your inspiration in gear…

1.  Theory Design is the portfolio site for Ryan McMaster. Some nice vertical slide effect accompanying the large slider:

Theory Design

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Weekly Inspiration #6

Hi webbers. Weeks 6 is upon us and there are some awesome sites to wet your designer taste buds. First up MailChimp 5.2…

1.  MailChimp 5.2. There are a lot of little features and touches that all blend nicely into the retro style that make this site a refreshing change:

MailChimp 5.2

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iPhone 4 - First Impressions

It’s been just over two weeks since the iPhone 4 was released here in the UK and I’ve had mine for about a week. Now all the initial craziness and hype has died down I thought I’d give a ‘sort of’ review and my thoughts on Apple’s new clearly, must-have device…

iPhone 4

The body
As you’ve all seen in hundreds of images and videos, the iPhone 4 is slightly smaller, flat on both sides and if you’ve held one notice it’s a bit lighter than the previous models. The metallic band that runs round the side of the phone looks awesome and doubles up as the phone’s antenna (more on this later). With the addition of a second camera in the front, a flash and newly designed buttons it’s fairly similar to it’s older siblings. I prefer the look and feel of this new model. There was a lot of “hoo-hah” about the design before release but in my opinion it does look nicer. Also to note is the phone’s front and back panels are made from glass which adds to it’s visual appeal and certainly feels nicer to hold and use.

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